Aurelio Jargas

Coder & writer

Hi, I'm Aurelio Jargas, 36, from Curitiba city, Brazil. Find me in e-mail, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and GitHub.

My personal interests include nature, waves, mountains, dogs, bike, carveboard, drums and punk rock.

My nerd interests include regex, Unix, Bash, sed, Python, JavaScript, HTML, text files and AppleScript. I enjoy text handling: parse, extract, filter, translate, format. I do follow the KISS principle.

I've worked for 7 years with Linux in Conectiva (now Mandriva) and since 2005 I work for myself at home.

My softwares

All my softwares are Open Source.

My books

Both books are written in Portuguese.

My articles

Music: Best albums ever

Music: Best brazilian punk rock bands