NEWS — MoneyLog v5 - March, 2012

New flavors

  • Now the app come in four flavors:
    • MoneyLog Cloud — runs online, get TXT and config files from Dropbox. (by @xupisco)
    • MoneyLog Browser — runs online and offline, saves data to browser localStorage.
    • MoneyLog Portable — runs offline, all-in-one HTML file with app and user data.
    • MoneyLog Beta — runs offline, with local TXT files. This is the default SVN version.
  • These flavors are generated by the scripts named gen-* in SVN/trunk/util/.

New interface (UI)

  • All new user interface. (by @xupisco) r285
    • Toolbar at left side, with collapsable boxes.
    • Reports at right.
    • Help screen is gone.
    • No colors, black & white UI. Each MoneyLog flavor will have its own color theme.



  • New mobile UI, for screens with 480px width or less. r459
  • New iOS icon. (by @xupisco) r466

Printer ready

  • New print style, removing colors and undesired elements from interface. (thanks @xupisco) r465

User data

  • New data separator: spaces are now allowed, the TAB is no longer mandatory. DO NOT use spaces inside values. r268 r392
  • Out-of-range days (2000-01-99) will turn to last month day (2000-01-31). r496
  • New config dataFilesDefault to set the default file when using multiple TXT files (local or Dropbox). r260
  • New config ignoreDataOlderThan, to ignore entries older than the specified date. r415
  • New config ignoreDataNewerThan, to ignore entries newer than the specified date. r417


Full Screen mode

Filters for all reports

View widget

Tag Cloud widget

Tag Summary widget

About widget

  • New About widget. r591

Tag report

  • New feature: Tag Report in monthly and yearly reports. Table headings are clickable for sorting. (thanks @denilsonsa) r524
  • New option in Tag Report: [X] Hide related tags. r527
  • New config checkHideRelatedTags, to check/uncheck the option [X] Hide related tags. r527
  • New config showTagReport, to enable/disable the Tag Report. r533

Rows Summary

  • New feature: click a report row to highlight it. Click again to un-highlight it. r180
  • New feature: Rows Summary. When selecting rows, a popup appears with: sum, max, min, average, count. (thanks @denilsonsa) r207
  • Only show the rows summary when two or more rows are selected. r281
  • Rows Summary now works for the monthly and yearly reports, with a new combo to choose the column: Incoming, Expense, Partial. r342
  • New button to reset the Rows Summary, undoing all user selections in the report. (thanks @denilsonsa) r478

Date format

Date range


  • Now showing chart bar original value as a tooltip. (by @_Felipe) r144
  • New feature: charts at daily reports. r190
  • New configs to set the initial selected item for each chart type: initChartDaily, initChartMonthly, initChartYearly. r192
  • Fixed two bugs in the chart bar label. (thanks @xupisco) r350
    • When the value was exactly 1000, it was showing 1 instead 1k.
    • When the value was 1 million (or greater), it was showing 1000m instead 1m.


  • Faster TXT file loading. (thanks @ricobl) r125
  • Added tooltips (help) for all controls. r165
  • Added favicon. (by @xupisco) r340
  • Set the page TITLE to full app name. (thanks @xupisco) r341
  • Hide the totals rows if there's only one row in the report. r460



  • Added Widget support. See sample in sample/widget-nerd-toy.js. r505
  • Added three new "hello world" sample Widgets. r513

Test Suite

  • New test-suite test/functions.js. Instructions at file header. r549
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