A free Mac OS X bridge application between Adium and Address Book, used to search, manage and keep your contacts in sync.




KISS: Simple intuitive interface: one single window. No preferences, no drawers, no tabs, no popup, no splash, no funky window resizing — now it resizes :)

See also: Gmail to Jabber - Batch copy the Gmail email to the Jabber IM field in Address Book.


After downloading, just open the ZIP file and drag AdiumBook to your Applications folder.

User Comments

"Simple, clean, fast and extremely useful."
Florian Beer
"Useful, should be a default in Adium."
Michele Bugliaro
"On my Mac I’m migrating from Entourage to Mail.app and I haven’t been looking forward to transferring my contacts. This awesome program called AdiumBook has made this process extremely easy because almost all of my contacts are in my IM client, Adium."
"Thanks for a great app! For some reason AOL deleted most of the contacts from my buddy list the other day, and Adium responded by removing them from its contact list. I had many of my contacts in my Address Book so your AdiumBook app was a tremendous help."
John H.

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Interface components
Text search (1) and cross search (2) for both applications
Nice buttons to copy IM and picture from Adium to Address Book
Handy button to add the Adium contact to Address Book, with name, IM and picture
Reports Menu full of goodies

Thank You

Known Issues

Issues in Snow Leopard

If you upgraded your system to Snow Leopard, some reports will stop to work and the Set IM button won't save the changes to Address Book.

Those issues were fixed at the AdiumBook 1.5 - Snow Leopard release.

Adium Book got an error: Can’t make every «class ltct» into type reference. (-1700)

If you're in Leopard, you need to upgrade AdiumBook to version 1.4 or newer.

If you're in Tiger, you need to upgrade Adium to 1.3 or newer.

Adium got an error: Can't make id of account of every contact into type reference. (-1700)

This issue was fixed in Adium version 1.3, so just upgrade it.

I get the “NSReceiverEvaluationScriptError: 4 (1)” error

This kind of error is usually caused by third party applications that change the default Mac OS X behavior, such as SIMBL plugins. Just disable the plugin and the error will be gone. Already reported incompatible plugins: megazoomer, SelectionFix.

To check if this is your case, do the following:

I can't see the scroll bars

TinkerTool has an option to put a pair of scroll buttons on both the top and the bottom of all scroll bars. It warns that this setting might cause some scroll bars to display incorrectly. Now you are experiencing this problems :)

-- Submitted by John Haiducek