Txt2regex is a regular expression wizard that converts human sentences to regexes.

In a simple interactive console interface, the user answer questions and the program build the regexes for more than 20 programs, like Vim, Emacs, Perl, PHP, Python, Procmail and OpenOffice.org.

It is a Shell Script 100% written with Bash builtin commands. No compilation or extra commands are needed, just download and run.

Supported programs (23)

Current version

0.8 (29 September 2004) download




GPL v2


Full screenshot with nice comments

Support for POSIX classes, as [:alpha:], [:lower:] and friends

Full support for groups, including a very nice opened/closed balance control

Use --showmeta command line option to get information about programs metacharacters

Use --showinfo command line option to get information about a specific program

Use --whitebg to run txt2regex on a white background terminal

Use --make to generate ready-to-use regexes for all programs (--all) or for specific programs (--prog)

Full support for localization, see the program in japanese

Program files

NEWS Hot news from our favorite program on the net.
Changelog The list of technical changes and enhancement between releases.
README Installation procedure, current translators and mini-FAQ.
Manual Page The program Man Page, with usage, options, examples and more. Read it now! There's also a Portuguese translation.
Museum Previous releases of the program. Maybe not so useful, but for the records, here they are.

Languages it was translated

UNIX/Linux distributions

Magazine/site reviews about it

date source section page link
Dez 2004 Linux Magazine (Brazil) Linux User 82, 83 PDF (in Portuguese)
Oct 2004 ComputerWoche.de site Produkte + Technologien - Original review (in German)
Oct 2004 Linux Magazine (International) Linux User 76, 77 PDF
Set 2004 Linux User (Germany) Im Test 66, 67 -
Dec 2003 Slashdot Japan dseg's journal - Original review (in Japanese)
Oct 2003 Server Watch site Tips of the Trade - Original review
May 2002 ASCII's Linux Magazine World Freesoft Collection 123 Scanned page (138 Kb) (in Japanese)
Feb 2002 UnixReview.com site Tool of the Month - Original review
Nov 2001 ASCII's Linux Magazine Free Application Showcase 141 Scanned page (88 Kb) (in Japanese)
Apr 2001 Linux Format Magazine - 47 Scanned page (111 Kb)