Addictive. Emotive. Pleasant.

EmoMemory is a memory game that will shake your heart.

Instead of memorizing cards, numbers, symbols or figures, you will concentrate on the people you love. Your family, your best friends, your colleagues, your partners.

Free your heart's feelings and prepare your brain for an emotional memory experience.

For game-play instructions and additional information, please read the Help contents (⌘?).

Now just download it and use the FREEGAME:D535DA registration code to fully unlock it.

Loading pictures

Address Book
Choose an emotive group like Family or Friends.
iPhoto Album
Export your preferred album to a folder and load it.
Local Folder
Load the pictures of any folder into the game.
System Art
If you don't have pictures, play using system avatars and icons.

The science behind the game

This game is not just about visual memory, it's also about feelings.

Concentrating on people you care and love opens a new field for pleasant experiences: the Emotional Memory.

Yes, emotion can have a powerful impact on memory.

Some studies have also discovered that women and older adults have better emotional memory.

When playing the game on the "fast lane", trying to win stars and break records, you can also take advantage of your iconic memory, a powerful but short time memory.

Got interested in memory mechanics? Read all about it.