AppleScript to export the Address Book contacts to the Yahoo! CSV format. Then they can be uploaded to the Yahoo Web-based Address Book. It is a nice way to have your contacts available everywhere.

User Comments

"This is BRILLIANT! I've been waiting for something like this for quite a while. Now I don't need to do five steps... using Entourage. Thank you."
— Stephen
"The best script ever! Amazing."
— Juan Pablo Piombo

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Road Map

Step 1

Click on the Choose Group button.

Step 2

Select the desired group. If it is your first time, choose a group with few contacts, so the program will execute faster. Click on the Export button and the processing will begin. It takes just a few seconds to convert the contacts data. Huge amount of contacts can take around a minute or more.

Step 3

Work done! The contacts were exported to the Yahoo-AB.csv file on your Desktop. Now you can log into Yahoo! and import your contacts.